Debate and Speech Prep

We know how hard it is to get your students ready for their next big competition. That's why we offer courses that are designed specifically with teachers in mind. Our courses will help you get the most out of your time and resources so you can focus on what matters most – preparing your students for success.

We offer debate and speech preparation courses to educators. Our courses will help you to develop skills needed for academic pursuits and career development. It fosters critical thinking, boosts confidence, enhances performances, broadens and deepens communication skills in students. We believe that debates and speeches are the keys to developing civic and political identity.  

You don't have to worry about spending hours trying to find the right materials, because we do all the work for you! With our course, you'll be able to easily create engaging lesson plans and activities that will give your students an edge over their competitors. 

We also provide access to professional coaches who can answer any questions or concerns that come up along the way - so there's no need to stress about anything! All this means focusing more on teaching and less worrying about whether your student is prepared enough for their next big event. 

It doesn't matter students are competing at a local meet-up or going toe-to-toe with some of America's top debaters - we've got them covered every step of the way!

Talk Show Audience

What Our Courses Include?

●        Presentation & Confidence

Confidence and presentation are crucial for debate and speech. Our courses are designed to encourage students to practice speaking in front of an audience and evaluating their choice of words. It will foster skills that help them take the initiative and show leadership. 

●        Argument and Counter-Argument Logic

Our argument and counter-argument theories are backed by political, economic, and social change followed by global and industrial revolutions.

We are committed to developing critical thinking skills through our practices, responding well with authentic reasoning, evidence-based questionings, and series of sound and logical statements.  

●        Knowledge of Current Events and History 

Researching and presenting your ideas in a way that captivates people and persuades them is the main aim of debates and speech. We offer courses that encourage research topics that help gain knowledge about current happenings and history and expand worldly knowledge of critical issues. It assists in elevating the understanding of multiple perspectives in society and preparing for debates. 

Our Program

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