DLRs for ELLs

English Language Learners (ELLs) are students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds but receive a formal education in English. It's easier for ELLs to develop daily conversational skills in a new language, however, having a grasp on social conversational skills does not mean they will not face problems using academic language. In fact, teachers are often challenged having to explain the content of their courses to ELLs who are unfamiliar with academic vocabulary.

The growing number of ELLs across the United States has given rise to Digital Learning Resources (DLRs) for ELLs. Over the past few decades, many online tools have provided students with opportunities to receive a more personalized education. These resources are most often used by native English speakers but English as a new language students can benefit from such learning tools as well. Digital learning resources allow educators to individualize their students' learning experiences by providing them with more avenues to display their skills and show what they have learned.

While digital resources can be used without modifying an existing curriculum, they are especially helpful if provided as part of a differentiated classroom. A differentiated classroom is one in which teachers tailor their lessons and individualize their instruction based on the needs of students.

Being teachers, we are responsible for creating personalized lessons to meet every student's needs. Yet, we must also be able to balance this with goals of creating classroom community where everyone is committed to learning together. Digital learning resources aid in both endeavors and allows teachers to provide targeted instruction that meet ELLs at their level.

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School Community Goals for ELL Students

Everyone in the world is different. People have different personalities, interests, and desires. Depending on the individuals, some might want to go to a certain school or have in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. However, because English Language Learners (ELLs) are still learning English in school, it can be difficult for them to grasp content as readily as native speakers. This can make school difficult for them and bring down the morale of students who could benefit from learning in an inclusive environment.

School leaders and teachers are responsible for helping all students and need to establish a set of goals and ground rules where no one from their student body  feels excluded. This goes especially for ELLs, so it is imperative that schools:

  1. Create a positive and encouraging atmosphere that boosts students' confidence and gives them chances to know that they are a respected part of the community (even though English may be challenging for them).

  2. Integrate ELLs into extracurricular activities alongside their native born peers, including having them participate in safe learning environments outside of their regularly scheduled classes.

  3. Ask about what subjects are troublesome for their ELLs to better understand their needs. Besides language in classes, ELLs might be struggling in other areas of school and it will be beneficial for all stakeholders to know in order to rectify any problems that can hinder learning.

Our DLRs for ELLs Program

In order to encourage teachers, parents, and students to be mindful of the effects that teaching methods can have on learning, The Digital Learning Support Center provides training to school communities to help them understand ELL students’ needs and keep them motivated.

We offer Digital Learning Resource (DLR) training designed to help ELLs learn about the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Our DLR workshops come with everything an ELL student needs - from core lessons and vocabulary lists, all the way through interactive games and activities designed by teachers who understand what works best for English language learners.

We are educators who work directly with educators, so we make sure every lesson is relevant and up-to-date based on current standards of education. With our support, your students will not only learn English faster than ever before – they'll also develop skills that will last a lifetime!

To learn more about our DLRs for ELLs program, feel free to drop us an email at services@digitallearningsupport.com.