Equity Workshops

Digital Learning Support offers equity workshops for educators. Our workshops will help you understand how to make education more equitable for all students regardless of race, gender, cognitive ability, religious beliefs, or income level. We believe that equity is the key to improving student outcomes and creating better schools for everyone involved.

By attending our workshops, you will learn about different strategies that can be used in classrooms to create an equitable environment. Every student needs access to high-quality instruction and deserve the resources they need to succeed academically. We want all children – no matter their background – to have equal opportunities when it comes time for college or career training after school ends.

At the root of it all is an intricate system that shapes our world. Our approach doesn't single out anyone's cause but instead works to identify these larger conditions and address them at their source. By strengthening our community through emotional intelligence and financial literacy, we can make more informed decisions about how society could work for the betterment of society.

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What Our Workshops Include

Workshop topics and themes vary by organization. However, some popular ones include the following:

●       Framework Development

Organizations that are interested in diversity and inclusion hire us to help them develop a framework. We work with institutions on setting up discussions about equity and help to frame how they can be used for creating positive change – we make every effort to host workshops and mediate sessions where students from different backgrounds will join forces under one roof.

●       Transformation

Some institutions want to equip themselves with the tools necessary for long-term success. That is why they need to explore systematic factors that manifest at both individual and organizational levels. We work alongside them in designing and facilitating workshops to discuss and share information about what works well at other institutions. Through the use of culture and social norms, we create solidarity in members across geographic borders and help transform organizations into more equitable places.

●       Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) is about developing an awareness of the ways culture affects people and how this can influence teaching. CRP is about giving teachers the knowledge to teach students successfully, whatever their cultural background may be.

It's not enough to know the subject well; teachers also need to know who their students are, where they're coming from, what has made them into the people they are, what motivates them and demotivates them. Only then can the teachers decide on effective strategies to teach them. We offer workshops where participants learn to identify inequities in the classroom. They are then helped design an action plan for addressing these issues so that everyone can succeed together as equals.

●       Implicit-Bias Awareness

The fight towards equality is an arduous one. It was thought that after the civil rights movement, society sorted itself out into separate boxes of black and white. However, it has become clear that no matter the success of the movement, there are still gaps to fill in between those two boxes. One such gap comes not from skin color but inherent stereotypes about people based on their race or gender (and now sexuality). While it may be human nature to group others into categories, society can take steps to remain open-minded. There are ways for institutions to make sure they do not perpetuate implicit bias through their hiring practices and instruction styles (among other things). We conduct workshops on these issues to bridge the gap and change the stereotype mindset.

●       Anti-Racist Theology

We are committed to providing training on anti-racism to the institutions. We can foresee the long-term effects of it, and that is why our workshops are engaging and use real-life examples to help participants understand the matter more. In our training sessions, participants learn how to apply principles of anti-racism to their own contexts, build skills needed to facilitate workshops based on these materials themselves, and watch videos about the history and background behind the work being done by each institution.

Our Equity Workshops

To learn more about or Equity Workshops, feel free to drop us an email at services@digitallearningsupport.com.