Foundational Literacy

Foundational literacy skills include both the processes (reading and writing) and knowledge (vocabulary and comprehension). Children who don't have these skills tend to quickly fall behind academically. Since it takes them much longer to understand new concepts that come from reading, the chances are more likely that they drop out of high school as the subject material becomes more complex.

Our country has a moral obligation to provide intensive instructional support to students who suffer from reading difficulties. All struggling readers display needs that could be met with strategies that help students overcome their literary deficiencies.

To determine if students are at their expected reading levels, students’ reading fluency must be measured to prevent future reading difficulties.

Online Class

Our Foundational Literacy Program

We offer foundational literacy training to educators who want to improve their students’ reading and writing skills. Our program is designed to help schools administer research-based screening measures for every student in all grades.

Screening, diagnosing, and progress monitoring are procedures that have been established for quite some time, but many schools have not used them because educational authorities have not yet become aware of how important it is to prevent future reading difficulties.

We use fluency, screening, and other possible causes for concern to carefully investigate the students’ strengths. We have combined several trusted systems that target reading and vocabulary skills, that help build background knowledge. Additionally, we will administer informal diagnostic assessments to design coherent, student-centered instructional plans that will helps students improve their reading abilities.


DLSC's literacy program can be used as an intervention or supplement to existing programs and curricula. The program includes online lessons that are easy-to-use, engaging, fun, and effective. Teachers will learn how to teach phonics, vocabulary development, fluency strategies (reading rate), comprehension strategies (understanding what has been read), writing process instruction (planning/drafting/revising/editing), and much more.

We know it's hard work being a teacher, but this program will make your job easier by giving your students the tools they need in order to succeed in school. Our goal is to provide intensive intervention without haste and use attested fluency models to set appropriate goals and build on students’ improvements. We train educators so they can measure their students’ progress and work with them using effective tools that address the literacy needs of their struggling learners.

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