Home-Buying Courses

Whether you're looking to purchase a house for yourself or your children and students, Digital Learning Support's home-buying course is all you need. The course will help you avoid all the mistakes first-time homeowners make and prepare you to become a lifetime resilient homeowner.

No matter what type of property you want to purchase, be it residential or commercial, the course will help you gain invaluable insights and guidance to buy a property the smart way!

Leasing a Home

The tips and tactics of the course are from the personal life experiences of our skilled mentors, which are nowhere to be found in books. The course will help you from the very first steps to the post-purchase until you move in.


The outline of the course will cover:

  1. Pre-Purchase Preparations – guiding you to consider your finances, needs, motivation, and time.

  2. Research – this step will help you to research things you should consider before investing in a property, like location, pricing, types, tenure, site history, etc.

  3. Property Viewings – now comes the step where you will learn what to consider while you’re viewing the property, the time you should opt, the local area, the grounds, and things you should ask your vendor.

  4. Negotiation – here, you will be learning the tactics of negotiation and standing on the point where both parties are satisfied, the information and evidence you need for negotiation, and how to give counteroffers.

  5. Process of Buying – you will learn the mortgage option you should pick based on your personal situation, your moving plans, and the legal aspects of buying your home.

  6. Survey Reports – what sort are there and how to report and analyze them.

  7. Post Inspection and Moving In – finally, it's time to deal with the valuation and challenges, and voila! Moving In!


From tool to templates and moving planners to cost and budget, the course will cover your every need-to-know thing before you opt to move in!

Home learning courses and platforms are gaining rapid acceptance and popularity in this present world. More people are adopting this learning opportunity more than ever. Therefore, to ensure that both existing and potential home buyers continue to achieve their learning goals, we strategically put together courses, resources, e-books that you can buy and learn from at the comfort of your home. Personal growth doesn’t have to be tedious and far-fetched, it can be gotten at a click of a button.

The way we do this is by making available a library of informative resources such as recorded sessions, self-learn guides, e-books and many more to ensure personal growth depending on the stage of learning you are in. They can also incorporate these courses into the school system and corporate companies.

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Our Program

Our team is ready to guide participants like implementation. Also, these courses are affordable and adjustable to suit each participant’s learning pace. Your home buying doesn’t have to be a trial and error. You can take advantage of this learning opportunity to know exactly what to look out for and how to avoid regret.


First time home buyers face an overwhelming situation as they have a number of choices available at their disposal. Although they might have an idea of what they want, navigating the waters is always a difficult one. One common lesson from our home buying course teaches is to work by a budget. Unlike the first time buyers a second time buyer or a frequent home buyers is familiar with the antics of owning a home. Still both parties need to be taught to tread carefully when it comes to pricing.

To learn more about our Home-Buying course, feel free to drop us an email at services@digitallearningsupport.com.