Music Production

It's not only about harmonizing the soul but also, coordinating academia and careers. Children who work with harmony gain self-esteem and confidence as they learn to express themselves in a variety of creative ways. 

Music is a universal language that creates a bridge between people, nations, and cultures. It eliminates negative perspectives and stereotypes, engenders positivity, acceptance, openness, and develops a sense of appreciation.  

To infuse positivity in students and connect them with the outside world, we offer music production courses that help individuals explore the world of music and sound. Our courses are specifically designed for educators who want to teach music production in their classrooms and make students more aware of the power of music in their lives.


Our courses are accessible and affordable, teaching students how to use professional software such as Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, MPC Studio, and Logic Pro to make beats, remix songs, and produce their own compositions.

Students can learn everything from lyric creation, MIDI sequencing, sound design, and mastering. We offer a range of courses and workshops that help individuals develop beat-making skills and create inspirational tracks.

The programs we offer overlay and support essential social skills that set a path for students' creativity, growth, and development. 

  1. The curricula are divided into different parts; each module aims to achieve a different target.  

  2. The program contains graphical, factual, and realistic examples that create an in-depth understanding of the students.  

  3. We provide different activities that make software learning easy and fun.

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Why Our Program

The Digital Learning Support Center is a blended-learning community that extends support, resources, and training to educators who wish to further develop the strong and determined youth of their communities. Our goal is to make learning meaningful and fun by providing personalized assistance.


With our music production program, students learn:

●        How to record and edit audio in proficient ways

●        How to use features of different software used in music production

●        How to write music using different software

●        How to keep the workflow in creative spaces error-free

●        How to mix, create original music, and present profession songs

●        How to enhance their general music production skills.   


Learning on your own has always been difficult, but with our step-by-step guide, you'll explore the advanced features that will consume less time and energy. Moreover, songwriting improves presentation skills, boosts mental and physical stimulation, and improves memory.  


Music production is overseeing and directing the production of tracks. The processes we use to produce musicals, theme songs, and school tracks are for students and teachers. They include:


Lyrical formation: Here, we write the lyrics of the song, formulate how the rhythm would be, and much more.


Songwriting: Depending on what the lyrics focus on, the songwriting follows accordingly. We compose a catchy melody considering all kinds of chords and pay close attention to the inspiration the writer receives during the songwriting process, as this might turn out to be the determining factor of a successful song.


Arranging: After songwriting, the next step is to arrange the lyrics into verses and hooks to give a proper perspective of the message the writer is conveying.


Recording the track: Lyrics without a beat or song might as well be called a poem, so here we record the song in a studio.


Editing of the track: It might happen that after recording a track, some part was left out or you might want to remove a part that doesn’t go with the track.


Sound mixing: This is the post production process after inserting a beat. Here, we collect all the sounds and edit them for professional grade quality.


Mastering: This is one of the final steps in music production. Here our professionals transfer the mix from a source to a storage device. It is from this storage device that other copies of the track will be duplicated.


Music production is an art, as the right track can leave lasting effects on the audience listening to it. Again, music production goes beyond rhythms, especially in an educational system, as the values of schools are reflected in the renditions of the performers.

Our Program

Our music production services are helpful in guiding students and teachers to tell their stories through songs, school themes, music lessons, school presentations, and much more. We also teach students the most suitable music production techniques to meet their songwriting needs Students will create original tracks by mixing sounds, writing educational lyrics, and using professional grade equipment to produce top-notch quality sounds.


Music is one that cuts through every society, therefore we are vast in learning distinct sounds that can help our clients achieve great results, receptive of the uniqueness of the music they want to produce. As with all other services we render, quality and excellent service is assured.

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