New Teacher Mentoring

New teachers, like many other professionals that enter the workforce, need support and guidance to navigate their new careers. Mentoring has long been identified as a successful strategy for helping new teachers become full contributors within school communities.


New teachers' lack of experience means they often require additional support. If left unsupported, gaps in teacher efficacy can negatively impact children's learning experiences and development.

Teaching in the United States is extremely challenging work. Many new teachers, even with a bachelor's degree, find themselves unprepared for the experience. This often results in high turnover rates among new teachers, many of whom are unable to cope with the pressures of teaching. As they grow more dissatisfied with their lack of training and support, they end up leaving their positions during their very first years in the profession.

To help ease this transition period early on, The Digital Learning Support Center provides mentoring programs for new teachers. Our mentoring programs help new teachers learn different ways to plan their lessons, manage classrooms, and instruct their students effectively.

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Why do New Teachers Need Mentoring?

Other than helping new teachers learn effective ways to teach, other reasons that both teachers and institutions should participate in our mentoring programs include:

●       The programs reduce recruiting costs for the district.

●       They establish and sustain collaboration among the faculty members.

●       They improve the rate of retention of new teachers in an institution.

●       They provide teachers with leadership opportunities.

●       They increase the chances of their students achieving success.

Our Program

Digital Learning Support Center is an online and in-person community for teachers. We provide support, resources, and mentoring by experienced educators who are passionate about helping students succeed. Our mission is to make the transition into teaching easier by providing personalized support for every new teacher who signs up for our program.

Our mentoring program is designed to provide the support and guidance you need to succeed in the classroom. With our help, you’ll feel more confident as a teacher and have an easier time managing your students.

When teachers are supported by their peers, they learn faster and grow stronger together. That’s why we offer personalized coaching from skilled educators who understand what it takes to be successful in today's classrooms. Whether you need advice on how best to manage student behavior or just want someone else's perspective on lesson planning, our mentors will give you the tools and techniques needed for success in every area of education.

To learn more about our New Teachers Mentoring Program, feel free to drop us an email at