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  • Who are ELLs ?

  • What are DLRs?

  • What short-term and long-term goals do you set for your students and families who are speakers of languages other than English?

  • We help schools find the value of listening to all voices.

  • A school’s past events and current conditions affect its ability to ensure that all students have access to the best educational experiences.

  • We support schools in developing cooperative teams

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  • What makes mentoring relationships distinct from other relationships in the workplace?

  • How can we share classroom strategies and experiences that will empower pre-service and novice teacher careers?

  • How can you build teacher morale, efficacy, longevity, retention, and sincere engagement in a professional community?

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  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

  • My Brother's Keeper and Girl's Empowerment Movement

  • Implicit Bias Training

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  • We help students learn to read to cultivate students’ ability to read and write independently

  • We inspire literacy for all students through research-based, traditional, virtual, or blended learning models.

  • We use instructional data to plan and deliver specialized lessons that leverage the gradual release of responsibility model. 

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  • Students will practice developing sound and logical arguments.

  • Students will practice speaking in front of an audience and evaluating their choice of words.

  • Students will foster skills that help them take initiative and show leadership.

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  • Studying drama builds a better understanding of ourselves and develops emotional maturity. 

  • Improves self-esteem.

  • Demonstrates academic achievement in improved reading, regular attendance, participating in co-curricular activities, and art-oriented events.

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  • Film production is an ever-expanding field that is always looking for new talent, especially for young people.

  • It is a vast field that develops children's' tastes of diverse themes, messages, and visual scenarios, helping them identify their likes and dislikes.

  • Film education opens the mind, allowing students to think beyond limitation, letting them explore their creativity to the fullest, and offering exclusive career opportunities.

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  • Music is a universal language that creates a bridge between people, nations, and cultures.

  • It eliminates negative perspectives and stereotypes, engenders positivity, acceptance, openness, and develops a sense of appreciation. 

  • Our courses are designed to be accessible and affordable, where students will learn how to use professional software like Pro Tools, Garage Band, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro to make beats, remix songs, and produce their own compositions. 

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  • The course will help you avoid all the mistakes first-time homeowners make and prepare you to become a lifetime resilient homeowner.

  • No matter what type of property you want to purchase, be it residential or commercial, the course will help you gain invaluable insights and guidance to buy a property the smart way!

  • The tips and tactics of the course are from the personal life experiences of our skilled mentors, which are not easily accessible until signing up for this course.

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  • Parent empowerment is the fundamental concept that parents are the primary caretakers and mentors of their children.

  • Through great communication and building relationships, parents could provide skills and confidence to their children while reducing tension and conflict arising from scholastic obligations.

  • Our program is not just for parents but also for teachers who must continue interacting as public educators, guiding  parents well beyond classroom walls. Parents will learn how to connect with their teachers and children on a deeper level, while managing their emotions and navigating through successful academic paths.

  • We design our clinics for basketball coaches who want to improve their coaching methods and raise the finest athletes.

  • We help coaches become inspirational leaders, so they develop their players and help them grow. They offer experiences that open the doors to both national and international opportunities.

  • The clinics bring together the ideas of several expert coaches, for unique and comprehensive team building experiences. Coaches will learn first-hand how to help players reach their full potential while building championship programs.