Parent empowerment is the fundamental concept that parents are the primary caretakers and mentors of their children. Through great communication and building stronger relationships, parents can give skills and confidence to their children while reducing conflict. This enhances the child’s ability to do well both in school and outside it.

Since parents are busy people and have a lot to do, they often go through a whole series of emotions, such as guilt, anger, and isolation in the face of supporting their children on an academic level. Parents need to be there for their children and sacrifice for the future of their children but in reality, it takes many hours and years of experience to support students and manage household obligations at the same time. Therefore, we offer tutoring as a parent empowerment program that helps adults find solutions for their children's academic needs. Our goal is to support parents in helping their children improve in school and become model citizens of the world.

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Our program is not just for students because it also benefits parents who wish to do more to academically support their children. As parent educators, we are extremely familiar with the challenges of being able to help children while being overwhelmed trying to balance our very own lives at home. Our programs help parents connect with their children on a deeper level while helping them find resolutions by working out conflicts.

Our program reinforces both the social-emotional and academic learning constructs occurring in classrooms.

  1. We have designed the curriculum in a way that aligns with activities found in classrooms from Pre-K to 12th grade.

  2. We believe parents ore the first teachers of their children, so we help them get a grasp on how they can be better instruments of support.

  3. We carry out real-life examples and engage in activities that help parents better understand their children’s needs.

  4. We provide parents with do-at-home activities so they can enjoy precious moments with their kids in fun, educational ways.

Our programs help strengthen the bond between parents, children, and teachers. If everyone can stay involved, whatever happens both at school and home can be dealt with in a direct and logical fashion. Moreover, our program can help parents develop necessary skills such as critical thinking, communication enhancement, and confidence development.


Tutoring can be incorporated into almost any schedule and align with the times in which their children attend. Conversation starters can be made available during parent teacher conferences, as such meetings can often be compulsory for parents. There are many opportunities where schools can use parent engagement to empower their shareholders by connecting them with much needed services for their children.

We cannot overemphasize the need for tutoring and parent engagement opportunities. The training, teaching methods, and knowledge parents instill in their children go a long way to determine the future of their learning commitments. So, to ensure that parents are supported when wanting to raise their children right, we have several research-based parent empowerment strategies put together to specifically help this cause. One result of our programs is that families will be satisfied in their decision-making abilities and be confident that they are doing everything they can to have their children's best interests in mind.

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Our Tutoring Program 

​Our programs teach students to gain mastery and have control over the activities they engage in. They learn to be in charge of their obligations, manage issues with peers, and more.

Because the success of parenting is not dependent on any single profession, our tutoring and parent empowerment programs cut through different areas of life and can be used by a variety of parents and family structures. Snippets of our tutoring and parent empowerment programs border around effective communication, family support, skill acquisition, and communal bonds.


We incorporate our programs into the schedule of the participants without causing disruption to their daily routines. Also, like the other services we render, our tutoring and empowerment programs are proven to deliver positive results to our participants. We strive to build a society where parents are successful at being responsible for their child's academic progression. Our parent empowerment program is one measure that creates solutions for struggling students without regrets.

To learn more about our Parent Empowerment program, feel free to drop us an email at services@digitallearningsupport.com.